An Important Warning: When Simplifying Life Get’s Complicated #Lifesimplified

An Important Warning: When Simplifying Life Get’s Complicated #Lifesimplified

Don’t let the magazines, or other blogs fool you.  I’m here with a warning today.  One of those neon colored, you better stop what you’re doing and read this kind of warnings.

Why the warning you may ask, it’s really quite simple.  I want to spare you the disillusion and the heart ache that following a magic formula or a list will make your life magically perfect.

Because quite frankly there is no book, no blog, no magazine, and no printable out there that has that has that ability.  If there was Hogwarts would be a real place and the author of said document would be a witch.

Don’t expect magic when you’re organizing or simplifying your life, sometimes it get’s downright complicated and scary.

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My entire house was literally turned upside down a few months ago.  And I’m not just figuratively using the word literally either, my house literally did get turned upside down, or at the very least all the crap,  wonderful possessions, that were upstairs got moved downstairs so we could redo the flooring in 75% of our home.

My husband and I got a steal of a deal on a foreclosure 2 years ago, and despite the fact that when we walked in there were bulging ceilings, a leaky roof, a leaking water meter, mushrooms (yes mushrooms, shudder) and mold (from the leaky water meter too), this was the place we chose to mortgage.  $20,000 worth of repairs (which were rolled in with the mortgage) later  our house no longer seemed like it was on it’s last legs, it was revitalized, and worthy to be called a home.

Except for one small problem.

The carpet.  Oh the carpet.

Faded blue in one room, pink with questionable stains in another.   A sculpted, straight out of the 80’s, dark brown number in the rest of the house.

Almost all original to the house, the carpet, had been through…….. a lot.  To put it mildly.  We were able to replace the carpet that had suffered water and mold damage right when we moved in, but not the carpet in the rest of the house, until 3 months ago.

We ripped out the old ugly stuff (and by we I mean my husband, brother-in-law, and sister while I watched the kids), and installed beautiful bamboo floors.

I LOVE my new bamboo floors, I mean really love them.

But my beautiful new floors came with a price:

Chaos, complete and utter chaos.

Maybe I’m being just a little hyperbolic, but for nigh on a month I carried all our earthy possessions from the upstairs to the basement, sorting and organizing all the while.  Stuff got pitched, and stuff is being donated.

My life was consumed with the new flooring project.   The installation may have only taken 3 days, but the sorting and the organizing, well that’s still going on.

My organizing has literally turned  into a Pandora’s box of numerous projects with no end in sight.

Do you know the feeling?  Unless you’ve got a full time maid, I imagine you can probably relate.

So essentially my house went through a big hairy project that turned our world’s upside down, and now I’m trying to cut our crap wonderful possessions to more modest amounts, so maybe just maybe life get’s a little simpler.  Not magazine perfect, just simpler.

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Life: Simplified Project
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KM Logan
K.M. Logan is a stay at home mother of four fantastic kids.  She is also an author of a handful of Amazon bestselling eBooks.  Including "The ABC's of Freezer Cooking", "Honoring a Child Born to Heaven" and "Devotions For The First Few Days." If you're looking for homeschool help be sure to check out her other blog at

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  1. We recently re-did our flooring as well. I stayed at my mom’s for a couple days with the kids while my husband and a friend did the floors. It was great to come home to the laminate after having a pale grey (nearly white) carpet in most of out home. Including the dining room and in front of the deck door only a few feet from our front door. With two little boys who love to eat spaghetti, dig in dirt, and work on the farm. The carpet was gross. So I can relate to that.

    We also moved just over a year ago and had to downsize a lot of our stuff. It was such a freeing experience! Less stuff means I’m not spending hours each day cleaning my house. It means that getting my kids to clean up their toys is only a 10-30 minute task. We spend more time just enjoying each other instead of doing housework. Plus we were able to bless so many other people by donating things that were still good but just didn’t need to be in our home anymore. So basically simplifying is totally worth it!
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