3 Tips To Simplify Your Time Online #lifesimplified

3 Tips To Simplify Your Time Online #lifesimplified

I’m changing e-mail hosts and switching to a newsletter format . If you’re subscribed to my list your e-mails will soon be looking a little different. They’re still from me though.

Lately when I’ve been getting online to do work, or just to kill time I’ve felt like Alice falling down a proverbial rabbit hole.  Have you noticed how much, for lack of a better word,  stuff  there actually is on the internet?

You want a recipe for vegan lasagna that doesn’t contain soy?  No problem there’s a pin for that.

Homescool help? Check.  Clean Christian humor? Check.  Financial advice? Check.

Looking for pictures of kittens in a cup? Check.

I’ve been on information overload. We’ve all been on serious information overload!

As a blogger I loathe to give you these tips, because you might stop visiting my site, or unsubscribe from my e-mails.  But here’s the thing I’ve realized.  I don’t care if you never visit my website or buy a book from me again.  I would rather you live a more balanced God honoring life than personally have an arbitrary number of fans/subscribers/followers.  

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • Print Friendly

So here’s my list.  It’s what works  for me.  I encourage you though, more than following these few tips (which are 100% based on my own personal opinion) to seek wisdom from God on this one.  If every time you get online you feel like your falling down that proverbial rabbit hole, something has got to give.

1) Unfollow pages and friends on Facebook that don’t matter to you.

Notice I didn’t say unfriend or unlike?  Just unfollow them.  It hides updates from your news feed that waste your time.  It’s incredibly freeing.  When you do it this way there will be  no awkward “why am I not your friend anymore?” e-mails.  Plus if ever you have time to just noodle around, you still have a list of likes and friends.  On a day to day basis though do you really need to be reading every single single post from the pages you follow or know what your 3rd best friend from high school is up to?

Following a handful of pages now, and just half a dozen friends and my family has made facebook so much better for me.  I can still be involved in my facebook groups, but without distraction.  If someone tags you in a post you’ll still be notified.

2) Use Unrollme.com

Okay this is the tip I really don’t want to tell you.  But I will because hey, we’re friends, in a complete strangers sort of way.

I had 400, yes four-zero-zero subscriptions coming into my three main e-mails.  You heard me right, coming into my main e-mails,  not my junk e-mails.  Obviously I follow a lot of blogs (it’s kind of helpful as a blogger you know).  My inbox was a little out of control and I was wasting serious time.

Enter, Unrollme.com .  It’s an app for your e-mail that enables you to quickly and easily unsubscribe from e-mails you don’t want (think one click) and roll any other email subscription that you select into a newsletter format.  So today instead of getting 10 separate e-mails in my inbox I got just ONE, from unrollme.  I can quickly open it and see if anything interests me.  Then I simply delete ONE e-mail.

I’ve either rolled up, or unsubscribed from almost all 400 subscriptions.  Now if it’s in my inbox it’s important.  I can get to the newsletter when I have time later.  Plus as you subscribe to new e-mail lists you simply update your preferences.

3)One word Pinterest.

This is simply a personal preference.  Facebook was becoming a waste of time and my e-mails were getting ridiculous.  I so much prefer following bloggers and my interests on Pinterest.  Obviously you can follow me, if you want.

What are your best tips for simplifying your time online?



KM Logan
K.M. Logan is a stay at home mother of four fantastic kids.  She is also an author of a handful of Amazon bestselling eBooks.  Including "The ABC's of Freezer Cooking", "Honoring a Child Born to Heaven" and "Devotions For The First Few Days." If you're looking for homeschool help be sure to check out her other blog at LessonsFromIvy.com


  1. love unrollme and pinterest. I discovered the “unfollow” a while ago. Now I do have things set in categories though so if I get on to find something like recipes I can click the recipe category and scroll through that feed or say a blogger, brands, etc. Hope that helps ya out too.
    Eliza Ferree recently posted…Change of Seasons, Change of PathMy Profile

  2. I love to pin. I pin to get information for my homeschool, food, crafts, art, gardening and anything else that I want to know how to do something. I love it.

  3. It’s funny how we are all different: I do better with Facebook whereas Pinterest is my “black hole.”

    However Tip #2 may save my life. The busiest person in the world that I actually know is my husband, and when I found out this weekend that I have been receiving 3x the amount of email he has, I realized that something needs to go. This is the modern day version of what my dad told me, “When you get to the end of your life, will you say, ‘Wow! I wish I’d spent more time on my email!'” Sometimes I’m just a slow learner ….


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